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The waters of our existence

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Love. A wave in the waters of our existence. The ebb and flow. An eternal stream. A sovereignty. An order in the chaos. Love inspires us. It is a vision of prosperity. Love is unparalleled and boundless. It is a ripple in an ocean of eternal fulfillment. One unit body. I see the whole. I see you. I see your essence, your existence and i stand on the shore of your sea. I see eternal love. I see a gift and an appreciation of love. See the gift. I see prosperity and fulfillment. I see the depths of your waters. You are worthy of love. Love is your birthright. It's written in the stars. Have faith. Your journey has only just begun. Fly and fly high. Spread your wings and be free. You are a love child. My child, fly. Fly little bird, fly. Fly high. Live, my child. Live, my beautiful child.

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