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The priestess came before God and asked God how she could serve God:

''How can I help you?''

"You will show the world your heart."

"Your stories will be about your travels.''

"I'll be with you every step of the way."

"I'll be there as your trusted companion."

"I will show you a world through the eyes of a seer."

"Your stories will be known."

"They will be stories of perseverance and faith."

"Your name shall be known in heaven."

"You shall be the written word."

"It will be your duty, as an archangel."

"I have a vision."

"Glory shall be thy name."

"Your journey awaits you, but know that your return will be welcomed with open arms."

"I trust your safe return."

"I know your heart."

''I know my own child.''

"I believe."

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