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The High Priestess.

A priestess of divine origin was called by God to rule her realm with the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. And thus God spoke to the priestess:

"I call to you my priestess of the highest order."

"I call upon you to rule the word, to represent the four elements."

"My gift to my priestess will be the gift of gratitude."

"Surrender to the word."

"Surrender to the calling, my priestess."

"My word will be yours."

"It's up to you to receive."

The priestess bowed to God on her knees and she closed her eyes to pray:

"I am willing, with reason, to receive the blessing."

"Love is my birthright.''

"Love will be celebrated."

"And I'm thankful for all the love I've been given."

"I value my own heart, to be compassionate and forgiving."

"This will be the word, in life and death."

“I will uphold the truth.

''I am with God.''

There was a silence. God spoke to the priestess:

"Stand up, child of God."

"Rule your kingdom with grace, my priestess."

"Heaven lives in the essence of your grace."

"Speak, and heaven will be yours to rule."

"That will be the word, in life and death.''

''Priestess of the highest order."

''Angel of God.''

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