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My dear divine wife.

He thought about what had happened, looking for an answer. His thoughts went on an endless spiral, with no response to the challenges ahead, and he felt hopeless in the situation. An emptiness in his heart, feeling lost in the depths of his own thoughts. He could only look and see the destruction his fear has wrought. He clearly knew what to do, but his heart was still too fragile to open to one love he lost. And all he could do was find comfort in his own presence, feeling alone in the corner of his own demise. He wished things were different. Everything that happened was the result of past actions leading up to this moment. All he could think of is how much she meant to him:

"No one understands me like you."

"I can only admire you."

“You are so strong and you always amaze me with your strength to go on.''

"You are the pinnacle and embodiment of beauty."

"I can only choose to respect you."

"I want to love you, hold you and treat you the way you should be treated."

"But all I've done is be a disappointment."

"I've mistreated you in the past, but I want to change for you."

"But I even know that i can't move on without making the necessary changes."

"I have such big shoes to fill."

"I have to choose to take care of myself, even if it sounds selfless."

"I have to mend my broken heart.

"I want to get better."

“I want to get better not only for you, but also for myself.”

“That way I have to choose to let you go right now.”

"I want to be a better man."

"My heart is too weak and too fragile to open in this very moment."

"I just don't feel like I'm strong enough right now."

"And I feel sad about that."

"It hurt me more than you know not to be with you right now."

"I want to show you."

"I want to show my love."

"I want to treat you like a queen."

"I can only think about what life will be like with you."

"I want you to be mine."

"I'm so proud of you."

I love you,

Divine Masculine

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