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A traveler's diary.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

"I'm here to tell you a story that goes back to the dawn of time."

There was a soul that wonder the lands to explore wonder and after her return she found solitude knowing that there always was an adventure waiting for her. A journey with no begin or end. She always was envisioning her greatest journey, bringing her joy, filled with passion. She carried a deep love that could never be taken from her. Her travels made her for who she was, ready for her to endure greater challenges to explore. After one of her travels she returned and thought about her next adventure.

''What wood be the greatest adventure of all, she wondered?''

It was not to climb any mountain or to cross any sea, but the greatest adventure wood be to challenge her own heart. That night she made a wish. She looked up in the night sky full of amazement.

''I wish, i wish, i wish?''

''I wish for my greatest adventure?''

She settle down for a nights rest. She laid down to go to sleep and as she closed her eyes. The night turn into day. An early dawn breaks the day with a rising sun. She woke up to find someone laying next to her.

''Who was this individual laying next to her?''

As she stared, she found a recognition in this person. She felt comfort in his presence. A balance of sort. She was curious who he was. He slowly opened his eyes and turned his face towards her. Their eyes met with a piercing gaze. She didn't hesitate one moment to ask him a question:

''Who are you, fellow traveler?''

A passion overcame her.

He replied:

''I'm you?''

''I’m your mirror.''

''I'm your reflection.''

She withdrew a little, not knowing how to respond to this answer. Her whole body crammed. Fear quickly reached her heart.


''What am I experiencing.''

He replied:

''That's called fear''

''That is what you are experiencing in this very moment.’’

''But I don’t what to experience this thing you call fear.’’

''I am the unknown.''

''See beyond the illusion.''

''Love cannot be found or lost...''

''Love is.''

''See beyond the illusion and see us as one.''

''And only then will you find peace in your heart.''

''And only then will I return.''

''That will be the day of reckoning.''

''A day of union and celebration.''

''You wished for your greatest journey.''

''Your greatest journey awaits.''

He stood up.

''Where are you going?''

''I want to feel love.''

''Don’t go, please don’t go.''

''I don’t want to feel this way.''

He turn his back and walked away. She closed her eyes, feeling nothing but a deep pain ripping her apart from the inside. Her heart fell to the ground and shattered into a million pieces. The tears came down her cheeks. She trembled and screamed loudly towards the sky.



Her face turned to the ground, grabbing for anything to hold. She tumble into a spiral of suffering.

''What have I done.''

''Was I wrong about this?''

She turn to look around hoping she could still see him.

She stood up and searched to find that him, but he was gone. She fell to her knees and stared into the unknown.

''I am lost.''

''I am all alone.''

''Love cannot be found or lost...''

''Love is.''

- Marc Mutsaars

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